Fix your Desktop or Laptop at the most trusted Computer Store!
Repairs on a variety of Systems

Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, iMac, MacBook Pro, HP, Dell and more!


Our technicians run tests to efficiently and carefully detect any issues on your system's software and hardware. We provide In-Store repairs for Windows and Apple systems; from Data Transfer, Data Backup, Virus removal, and system tune-ups.

Anti-Virus Upgrades

Sandia Computers Research and Development team is always on the look out for the best anti-virus in the market. We take pride in providing the best malware/virus coverage and worry free product for our clients. 

Click on the link to learn more about this year's recommended Anti-Virus:

Tune Up Special

  • Physically dust out and clean up system
  • Visually inspect all hardware
  • Perform diagnostics on all hardware and software
  • Configure system settings to run faster
  • Disable startup programs to maximize system speed
  • Remove junkware and bloatware
  • Remove unnecessary toolbars and pop-ups
  • Perform complete virus scan
  • Install the recommended Anit-Virus
  • Create restore options on system


  • RAM upgrade
  • Storage upgrade
  • Processor upgrade
  • Cooling fan upgrade
  • Video Card upgrade

Part Replacements

  • Laptop screen replacements
  • Battery replacements
  • Keyboard replacements

Tech Tips & Tricks

Need some advice? If so then check out Guru Stu's Video Segments!

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