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The Hummingbird includes a distinct aesthetic difference with it's compact slim-line case. 

Still great for the consumer looking for an introductory computer system that is easy to use and a more than satisfactory amount of speed, the Hummingbird 2.0 is great for those with a small or limited work space. 

The system is safe to use either standing vertically on it's sleek stand, or horizontally with the monitor resting on top. 

Like all of our systems at Sandia Computers, the Hummingbird 2.0 has many possibilities for upgrades as your needs and interests change.


Introducing the Thunderbird; well known as the Console Killer. The Thunderbird brings the power of PC gaming to a console form factor. With a slim case, it becomes easy to place anywhere. Not only is it slim and elegant, but powerful and quiet. The ability to upgrade and customize the Thunderbird defies other PC gaming machines along with any console. 

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This computer system is great for small businesses and those who need to access their work computer from their home office. 

With its professional edition of Windows 7, this system allows you to access servers and can act as a remote desktop. The upgraded operating system also allows for more options for upgrades as needs within your business or personal use of the machine may change over time. 

It features a mid-size case which fits well in the average work and office space, along with exceptional silence and cooling. Durability, reliability, and speed are also features that make this specific machine appealing to those with a fast and busy lifestyle or business. 


This system offers a plethora of possibilities for those that are interested in either an entry level gaming machine, have an avid interest in photo editing, or for businesses looking to access servers locally in their place of operation or remotely. 

With an entry level graphics card, this system offers that added "zing" that allows you to use programs to professionally edit photos or play games on your PC without pixelating or delayed reaction time. The graphics card offers on board memory which contributes to that added kick. This system is also great if you are looking to connect with the rest of your business flawlessly on the same database or server. 

This system comes in a mid-size case that is both sleek and professional, along with a professional edition operating system and an upgraded processor for added speed and precision. This system also runs exceptionally quiet and is cool to the touch even after a full work day of operation. 

If you enjoy playing your PC games without hang ups or glitches, then this system is a great place to start, and has many possibilities for upgrades as your interests may change. 


If you're looking for a custom built top of the line gaming machine, an upgraded system to operate Photoshop, or even need a machine to act as a small server in your business, then the Vulture is the system you'll want to go with. 

This system features dual hard drives for added storage and speed, an upgraded processor and top of the line video card with on board memory, and a liquid cooling system to assure against overheating. 

Auto-Cad and other demanding programs work flawlessly on this machine along with just about every PC game on the market. 

The professional edition operating system allows for this computer to act as a server or remote desktop for your business seamlessly. 

This sophisticated mid sized case also offers an edgy look that supports the cooling needs for this high powered machine. This system runs beyond quiet regardless of the power it exhibits. 

If speed is an important factor to you, we are certain you will be pleased with the instantaneous running time of the Vulture. Your jaw is sure to drop the first time you turn on your new system as it boots and loads to your desktop in 7 seconds or less. 

Upgrades for this system are available as you see fit or want. 


If you're needs are formed around video or music editing, video game design, high volume number crunching or any other demands related to a top of the line workstation, the Eagle is the perfect system for you. 

With a quadro video card, dual hard drives, liquid cooling system, top notch processor, and professional edition operating system, this computer is sure to do anything and everything. 

With unmatched performance and a perfectly arranged set up within the system, this computer will accommodate any need as it arises, including running dual operating systems and multiple monitor screens. 

The Eagle features a full sized case that is sharp and aesthetically captivating. 
Upgrades for this system are still a sure possibility dependent upon what specific needs and programs you are required to operate. 

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