You’ll find a large selection of inkjet, laser, and All-In-Ones at Sandia Computers. Hewlett-Packard , Brother, Canon, and Epson are a few name brands available at Sandia Computers.

Inkjet printers. Inkjets use droplets of ink to form letters, graphics, and photos. Some printers have one cartridge that holds the cyan (greenish-blue), magenta, and yellow inks, and a second cartridge for the black ink. Others have an individual cartridge for each color. For photos, many inkjets also have additional cartridges that contain lighter shades of cyan and magenta inks, or gray ink.

Laser printers. These work much like plain-paper copiers, forming images by transferring toner (powdered ink) to paper passing over an electrically charged drum. The process yields sharp black-and-white text. Laser printers usually outrun inkjets, cranking out black-and-white text at a rate of 9 to 50 ppm. Black-and-white laser printers generally cost about as much as midpriced inkjets, but they’re cheaper to operate. 

Color laser printers are also available, but they are considerably slower than black-and-white models, cost as much to use as the better inkjets models, and can’t print on glossy photo paper, so they’re not a good choice for printing photos.

Be skeptical about advertised speeds. Print speed varies depending on what you’re printing and at what quality, but the speeds you see in ads are generally higher than you’re likely to achieve in normal use. You can’t reliably compare speeds for different brands because each company uses its own methods to measure speed. At Sandia Computers we will give you the most realistic print speeds based on our testing printing both documents and photos. What’s on the box is never right!

Don’t get hung up on resolution. A printer’s resolution, expressed in dots per inch, is another potential source of confusion. All things being equal, the more ink dots a printer puts on the paper, the more detailed the image. But dot size, shape, and placement also affect quality, so don’t base your choice solely on resolution. Again, ask our experts which printer is right for your needs. You may not have to spend more for a printer that is over-kill for your needs.  

Consider supply costs as well as a printer’s price. High ink-cartridge costs can make a bargain-priced printer a bad deal in the long run. Sandia Computers will match the right printer for you, taking into account cost per page and life-span of the ink cartridges.

Decide whether you need scanning and copying. An all-in-one unit provides scanning and color copying (and often faxing) while saving space. 
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