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Our brand new Thunderbird came alive as the brother of the Hummingbird due to the resemblance of a small compact form factor. Alike the Hummingbird, the Thunderbird may be placed standing vertically on it's sleek stand, or horizontally with the monitor resting on top. Despite the compact form factor, the Thunderbird is more powerful than it may seem. 
The Thunderbird features a full size EVGA GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics card. Upgradable to a GTX 1060, 1070 and even a 1080 graphics card. Making it possible to perform games at maximum settings keeping a small form factor machine. 
Slim-fit for Everyone
With a Intel 6th Gen. or 7th Gen. Processor, powerful graphics card, and two slots for storage, the Thunderbird becomes the right fit for the gamer in need of an elegant, slim, quiet machine that will fit pretty much anywhere placed. Are you a console lover wanting to upgrade to a better gaming experience? By using an Xbox console controller with Windows 10, the feeling on your hands of a console is genuine but the experience of PC gaming power is unreal. 

Gaming machine can sometimes mean video and photo editing abilities. For a tight studio full of video and photo projects, the Thunderbird can be your best righthand when it comes to heavy work on Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects or any other editing program in the market. Not only will it look, and perform good, it will fit in your studio or art room with no problem. 

Movies and TV Steaming
The Thunderbird is perfect for the gamer, but even better for the Movie or TV Streamer. Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities make it possible to be set up with any wireless stereo systems. 

Ready for the Future
By building your Thunderbird with a powerful graphics card like the EVGA GTX1080, and minimum RAM and processor requirements to run VR. With no doubt your Thunderbird could be ready for your VR set up. It would more than likely outperform any console in the market, and even size wouldn't be a challenge. 

Are you ready to build yours? Contact or stop by and see us!
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